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Central America Vacation Rentals: Houses, Villas, Condos in Central America

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Central America Vacation Rentals by Owner

Why Book a Vacation Rental in Central America Directly by Owner?

Easy to get to and very affordable, the countries of Central America make renting a vacation home in a tropical paradise within reach of most Americans. Panama, Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica offer a diverse array of history, tropical rain forests, uncrowded beaches and plants and wildlife you won't see anywhere else in the world. One of the best ways to enjoy all that Central America has to offer is to rent a Central America vacation home. Renting a home allows you to savor the many attractions in this region at your own pace, while saving money on meals and other amenities.

There is so much to do in Central America...or you can kick back and do nothing at all. Costa Rica offers both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean beaches, tropical rain forests, a cloud forest where you can take a zip line tour through the trees and world class shopping and dining in San Jose. A Costa Rica vacation rental puts all of this tropical beauty at your doorstep.

Central America homes, Central America vacation rentals, Central America villas, Central America condos are the most enjoyable and often economical ways to experience the tropical beauty and relaxed atmosphere of Central America. If you're looking for an action-filled family-friendly beach vacation, book a Belize vacation rental and enjoy water sports, long stretches of beach and some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world.

If you want to experience Mayan culture with modern amenities as well as explore the largest rain forest in Central America, book a Honduras vacation rental and explore this fascinating culture past and present. Want to see the Panama Canal, the engineering feat that changed the ways goods are ships throughout the world, as well as experience Panama's Spanish and Indian heritage and enjoy its long stretches of beach? Book a Panama vacation rental. Whatever your travel tastes and budget, we have a Central America vacation rental for you.

Rent a Central America Vacation Rental Directly by Owner

There is no place like home…except when you stay in a Central America vacation rental. Whether you are looking for an upscale, beachfront condo, something in the tropical interior or a more affordable family-friendly and pet-friendly cottage, Central America's diverse regions have something for you. Reserve your vacation rental directly by owner and ask about the Central America attractions near them.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Beaches, tropical ecological parks, mountain retreats, vibrant city life and a vast array of plants and wildlife--Costa Rica has it all. This affordable and friendly nation is best known for its diverse collection of plants and animals.  You'll find orchids, jaguars, monkeys and birds of every hue. In fact, a full 25 percent of Costa Rica's land is part of a national park or other protected area. Staying in a Costa Rica vacation home allows you to be near all of this splendor, while enjoying the warm welcome of the Costa Rican people.

But, Costa Rica isn't just about viewing wildlife. The small nation features long, white sand beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts with some of the region's best snorkeling and diving. In San Jose, you'll find museums that chronicle Costa Rica's varied history, restaurants that rival those in New York and Los Angeles and shopping for coffee, wooden crafts and the country's signature, colorful textiles.

Belize Vacation Rentals

World-class snorkeling and diving along one of the world's natural coral barrier reefs is the major draw to the tiny Caribbean nation of Belize. However, water sports aren't the only things Belize has to offer. There are deep sea fishing excursions, Mayan ruins to visit and limestone caves to explore. Plus, there are long, uncrowded beaches where you can spend an afternoon--or a week--reading and relaxing. A Belize vacation rental puts you in the middle of all of this natural beauty.

Honduras Vacation Rentals

Honduras, nestled among Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, Honduras is sometimes overlooked in favor of the larger and flashier destinations of Panama and Costa Rica. That's too bad, because Honduras offers beautiful beaches, coral reefs with excellent snorkeling, and one of the most impressive ruins from the Mayan civilization. A Honduras vacation rental is a good way to experience the best of Honduras at a reasonable price.

Panama Vacation Rentals

If your idea of the perfect vacation is to experience a wide array of diverse activities without spending your entire vacation traveling, then a Panama vacation rental is for you.  Panama, with beaches and ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is home to the Panama Canal, one of history's most difficult engineering feats as well as one of the world's leading shipping routes. Visitors can explore the site's museum, watch ships transiting the canal while you dining at a rooftop vantage point or take a sightseeing trip through the canal, itself.

Away from the canal, Panama offers a glimpse of its Spanish heritage at Panama Viejo, founded in 1519, hiking throughout the country's numerous national parks, coffee tasting in chic Panama City and boating and rafting in Panama's many rivers.

Experience the Best Central America Vacation Rentals have to Offer

Some Fun Facts about Central America

·       Costa Rica and Panama have ports in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

·       Costa Rica is home to approximately 850 species of birds, 600 of which live there year round.

·       Belize, a former British colony, is the only country in Central America to have English as its official language.

·       Belize, which sits on the Caribbean Sea just south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, is home to more than 600 Mayan ruins.

·       More than 650 species of orchids can be found in Honduras.

·       Panama is the southernmost country in Central America.

·       The Panama Canal, which opened in 1914, connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by sea. Plans are in the works to expand the canal by 2015, a move that will more than double its current capacity.

·       Belize has more than 300 islands (called cayes) located just off the mainland. Most of these are coral islands and offer excellent diving opportunities.

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